We are happy to let you know that the FrontPage extensions module on all of our web hosting servers has been updated to its latest stable version. This will unlock for you new FrontPage functionalities, unavailable with the previous version.

One of the major updates includes the option to assign access rights to a few FrontPage users, who can work on your projects simultaneously. You can add more users either from FrontPage itself (when logged on with the main account username) or from the FrontPage Server Extension (FPSE) Admin interface.

Here is how this works:

How to add users from FrontPage:

    • In FrontPage 2003 => select ‘Open Site’ from the File Menu;
    • In the Site name box, type the URL of your site (e.g. http://example.com/);
    • On the Tools menu, go to Server => Permissions;
    • Enter your username and password and click OK;
    • On the Site Settings page, click ‘Add a user’;
    • In the User section, type in the new username & password;
    • In the User Role section, select the number of roles for the user;

      How to add new users from the FPSE Admin interface:

        • Go to http://www.my-website-name.com/_vti_bin/_vti_adm/fpadmcgi.exe;
        • Type in your primary FTP account username and password;
        • Go to Manage Users -> Add a User;
        • Fill in the new user’s details;