Backing up your server should be a regular task for you, as routine as brushing your teeth. Your backup routine should include both automated backups and manual checks to make sure your backups are working properly. If, for some reason, you are skeptical or think it is not important, here are five reasons to keep your server backed up at all times.

1. Some of the data may not be yours, especially if you are hosting websites for clients or have a social media site containing information posted by its users. Those people depend on you to keep their information safe. Even if you have told them repeatedly to backup their own data, you should also keep backups just in case they forget.

2. Backups cost little but can save a bunch. At the most, you may need to pay for a backup server or backup storage device, but other than that, backups will not cost you any extra. In the event of data loss, however, your backups may save your business.

3. It is easy. There are a ton of backup software solutions out there for Linux, BSD, and Windows servers. Many of them are free, and some are easy to use. Chances are, your web-based control panel even has a backup utility built into it.

4. Anything can happen. Even if you have the most secure dedicated server on the planet, nothing can protect it from what is often legally referred to as an “act of God”. When lightning strikes, you should be prepared.

5. It makes migration easier. In the event that you need to move to a new server at the same location or a different one, having backups ready to go will save you time and money.

Backing up your server just makes sense, and it may be the most important thing you do all day.

By: Tavis J. Hampton