Sometimes it is difficult to know when it is time to make the move from one technology to another, or when to upgrade from one version to a later one.  As your website or websites grow, it is important to track their progress, understand their weaknesses, and be prepared to take them to the next level.  The following are ten signs that it might be time for you to move to adedicated server.

1. Frequent outages – If you are constantly overloading your database, entire VPS, or even a shared server, your host may even insist you upgrade.

2. Phenomenal traffic – Your numbers are going up every month, and you can foresee a time when your site will be huge.

3. Large media files – You may need to push large videos or audio files, stream for hours on end, or other CPU and RAM intensive activities.  If a content delivery network (CDN) will not fit your needs, consider a server of your own.

4. Control – You want total control, and your little shared hosting account just will not cut it.

5. Business – Your goal is to expand your business and host multiple sites.

6. Security – If you have very sensitive information, you may not want to share a server with just anyone.

7. Software – Some software requires a dedicated server to run.  Even some web applications need to be installed at the administrative level and run independently.

8. Space – Disk space is tight, and buying more is just becoming too expensive.  A server of your own may actually save you money.

By: Tavis J. Hampton