Many experts and customers will highly recommend that you read consumer reviews when looking for a dedicated server plan.  While every hosting website shines in its marketing prose, only through consumer experiences can you determine if the host lives up to its glorious claims.  A detailed review will provide you with comprehensive details on four of the most essential aspects of dedicated hosting: support, reliability, speed and price.

Technical Support and Customer Service – It is important to find a dedicated server package that comes attached with 24/7 technical support and customer service.  If not, you will be terribly frustrated when the server encounters problem and you can’t get in touch with someone  A review will let you know if a company offers support via toll-free phone, live chat and support ticket or just by email.  Better yet, consumer reviews will shed light into whether or not the company lives up to its claims of stellar customer service.

Reliability – Reading a review is a good way to learn how reliable a company is.  While most guarantee a 99.9% or 100% uptime schedule, this is not always the case.  Through reviews, you can find out about the company’s uptime guarantee and possibly information about their data center and infrastructure.  When it comes to dedicated server reviews, you will see that the overall perception is that the reputable hosts tend be the most reliable.

Speed – The reason most people choose dedicated hosting is because of the increased speed it offers.  However, just because you have the hardware to yourself doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to enjoy a lightning-fast performance.  By reading dedicated server reviews, you can find out just whose servers are up to par.

Price – Last but not least, reviews will let you know what to expect in terms of price for a dedicated server package.  Keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better in this regard.  Pick a host that is too cheap and you could end up sacrificing support and quality service.

While the dedicated server host you are considering may be enticing in its marketing and advertising literature, consumer reviews will help you pick a host that lives up to its hype.