Advanced Virtualization with VDS

Virtualization is one of the most talked about server technologies in the web hosting business.  VDS represents the latest hosting trend, a way to provide customers with a platform optimized for demanding tasks.

Short for virtual dedicated server, VDS is a type of hosting solution that delivers the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.  Hosting providers are able to offer a cheaper service because resources, such as CPU and the hardware itself, are being shared amongst other customers.  The virtualization software optimizes the hardware in a manner that allows these resources to be shared efficiently, making the VDS a very cost effective solution.


The Beauty of VDS

More customers are turning to VDS hosting packages because it is virtually like having your own server.  For example, you are provided with your own IP address and have root access that allows you to make installations and configurations on the server.  One of the major advantages it offers is enhanced performance due to the provision of guaranteed resources, such as disk space and bandwidth.  Because the virtualization software isolates customers in their own private environment, you can enjoy a consistent level of high performance despite the activities of your neighbors.  Whereas a shared server leaves you limited and vulnerable to a wide range of situations, a VDS gives you complete control and added reliability.

Who Needs VDS?

A VDS is particularly useful for individuals and businesses that run complex applications and high traffic websites.  While these solutions generally offer excellent value, you should take note of the vast similarities to dedicated hosting.  Because it is much like a dedicated server, a VDS will require a level of technical skill on your part.