Cloud Computing is still new enough to be called an infant. It’s first real practical usage was when opened its doors in 1999. Then Amazon started its Amazon Web Services in 2002. Today, Amazon is considered the leader in cloud computing services.

Other cloud services have arrived on the scene since then, notably Google Docs, Zoho, and some other services that allow small businesses to use computers on a “for hire” basis to run applications that are important to them.

The essence of cloud computing is that you pay for the computer services that you are actually using. Someone else owns the computer, but you rent the space. You may own the application or, as in the case of Google Docs and Zoho, use the application that someone else owns for your business needs. But the data storage is there for you to use at will.

I think there is a lot of room for growth in the area of cloud computing. It’s just a matter of time before cloud computing becomes a part of the mainstream and every business is somehow tapped into “The Cloud”.