Whether you want to operate your business in a cloud, through a cluster server, leveraging colocation resources, or own your own dedicated server, a datacenter can be a useful resource.

A datacenter may also be called a server farm. It’s a large warehouse, or suitable physical building, where many servers are stored for operational purposes. Note that it isn’t simply to store servers for future use, but to house servers currently in operation.

Datacenters have been around at least since the 1980s. In some form, they existed before then but they had a different name. During the 1990s their growth rose tremendously due to the demand placed on them by the dot com boom. But development of the datacenter as a business model has come a long way from then.

A real need has arisen in the marketplace for a well-managed datacenter to assist existing businesses and new start ups by providing server resources and IT management at an affordable price. Today, that fulfillment is a reality. You can find a well-managed datacenter pretty easily today and this business resource will only get better.