I suppose now is a good time to discuss one of my favorite server software projects – Apache.

The good folks at The Apache Foundation have a lot going on. So I thought I’d mention a couple of my favorite Apache projects: HTTP Server and SpamAssassin.

HTTP Server software is the most popular server software online and has been since 1996. Webmasters who want quality servers use Apache. It’s open source, which means that developers are concerned more with delivering a high quality product than making money for shareholders. In my opinion, no server is worth a grain of salt unless it’s an Apache server.

The second server software I’d like to mention is SpamAssassin. This Apache software is the most popular spam filter in use and there’s a good reason why. Like HTTP Server, SpamAssassin is open source and free. It’s also very flexible and easy to configure so server administrators can focus on maintaining their servers rather than fixing them. If you don’t like spam, you need SpamAssassin. It’s the best out there.

These are only two server software projects carried out by The Apache Foundation, but they are two of my favorite. I think you’d like them too.