Unix and Windows advocates don’t like to hear it, but Linux is the more stable server software of the three. And the combination between Linux and Apache is a powerful one.

The best thing about Linux is the open source feature, which allows developers to customize their own software to suit their needs. While Windows serves the corporate network world well, it does require some special training. And Unix is so old school it’s hard to believe anyone is still using it. But Linux is the software for the 21st century and every day there are new applications for which Linux is made.

Mose experts in Web servers agree that Linux has found a niche for itself in the server application department. Some of the best uses for Linux include:

  • Hosting web servers
  • Hosting web applications
  • Hosting network servers
  • Acting as a central portal
  • Serving as a data hub
  • Hosting email and VOIP applications
  • Used as a recovery hub
  • Other server and hub applications too

See a common theme here? Where Windows carved out a niche in the desktop environment and Unix in the mainframe field, Linux built a home for itself as a server software solution and most of us think it’s the top dog right now.