A dedicated server isn’t cheap. But the benefits to having one are well worth the price you pay. Of course, they aren’t for everyone. But I highly recommend taking a look at the opportunity if you feel that you’ve outgrown your traditional shared hosting plan.

With a dedicated server you don’t have to worry about being in the wrong neighborhood and having your hosting affected by spammers or hackers. You should also expect you server to be operational more often. Even with a shared hosting plan you should expect server up time to be at least 99%. With dedicated plan, don’t settle for less than 99.9%.

Perhaps one of the best benefits to having a dedicated server is being able to increase your bandwidth and server limitations much more easily. You likely won’t have to upgrade your hosting plan as most dedicated servers will provide you with plenty of server space going in. If you need to move up from a dedicated server then you’ll likely be in the market for a cluster, cloud, or co-location services. But moving from a shared host to a dedicated server is often enough for most small businesses. Knowing when is the right time is half the battle.