SSH stands for Secure Shell. OpenSSH is the open source version of SSH. But what is it used for?

Secure Shell is a protocol for securing your network connections to prevent hacking, eavesdropping, and other server attacks. It is used to encrypt data that is passed from one computer to another. It is very important when configuring your server for operational use. If you are running a web host or virtual server for others to use for their data and storage needs then SSH is an absolutely essential tool.

OpenSSH is the free, open source version of the encryption tool. It is developed by OpenBSD, an open source development project, and comes in two iterations. The first iteration is OpenBSD (Berkeley Software Distribution). The second iteration is a multi-platform portable distribution channel.

OpenBSD is based on UNIX, but being open source it means that there are tons of developers working to make the project better. And since it isn’t owned by anyone in particular, there are no proprietary copyright issues. OpenBSD is widely popular and very accessible to developers worldwide and allows server operators and managers the best security available for their server configurations. When looking for a web host for your dedicated server, ask if they are using OpenBSD and make sure they are on the latest update.