Companies who offer dedicated hosting packages give you the ability to utilize your own server.  This makes a great choice if you require guaranteed resources – minus all the security and performance issues associated with traditional web hosting.  With a dedicated server, you are better assured speed, reliability and the flexibility needed to customize your operation.

  • High Performance – In a shared hosting environment, server response times vary depending on the activities of other customers sharing the hardware.  Dedicated hosting allows you effectively prepare for traffic and manage your activities, thus allowing for enhanced performance.
  • Reliability – A dedicated server gives you unlimited access to the operating system, software programs and database applications, all essential components that allow you to effectively meet the needs of your customers.  In terms of security, you can implement the mechanisms and technologies you feel provide your server with the best protection.
  • Flexibility – When conducting business online, it is critical to have a solution that supports the growth of your company.  A dedicated server allows for scalability by providing flexibility that lets you customize your applications, increase disk space or bandwidth and upgrade your hard drive as needed.

There are several companies on the market offering dedicated server packages.  Because no two hosts are the same, it is vital to do your research and find one that offers the most reliable service.  You can start by reading through consumer reviews to learn what past and existing customers are saying about a particular provider.   Though more expensive than shared hosting, a dedicated server is worth every penny for the business that requires it.