We will be updating all of our servers to php version 5.3 next week starting Monday (04/05/2012).
There might be some php applications that are written specifically for 5.2.x or even 4.x versions.

Most of the publicly availabe applications such as WordPress, Joomla and others support php version 5.3.

If you have custom code websites written for php <= 5.2, please use this link (http://blog.plikhost.com/2012/05/30/how-to-migrate-from-php-5-2-to-php-5-3/) for guidance for updating your code to that compatible with php 5.3.

Please note that this will affect shared hosting servers.

If you don’t know if your code is compatible or not, we will be announcing the server updating process on this page: http://plikhost.com/support/

When you see that a server which you are on has been updated, please check your website and report any issues through our regular support channels (live chat or the ticket system) and we will help you solve any incompatibilities.