Dear Customer,

Please read this maintenance announcement regarding our Reading Data Centre carefully.

What are we doing?

We will be carrying out scheduled UPS maintenance at our Reading Data Centre. Our specialist UPS contractors will be on site to complete the scheduled maintenance, supervised by the Data Centre management team throughout.
Why are we doing this?

In the event of a main power supply interruption, UPS batteries provide power redundancy along with on-site generators. We are undertaking standard maintenance in keeping with the manufacturer’s recommendations and our own preventative maintenance regime.

Works are not expected to effect service; however whilst one of the units is under maintenance there will be reduced power redundancy and an At Risk declaration. Customers will remain on UPS protected supplies with generator backup throughout the maintenance periods protecting against interruption to the mains supply.
Power Supply A / B Configuration

Customers with dual power supply equipment are connected to both feeds as standard, but should expect the loss of B feed for a period of time during the B side maintenance window. Customers with colocated equipment and dual power feeds should ensure that their equipment is connected to both feeds. We are conducting an audit and will endeavor to notify you separately of equipment connected only to the B feed.

Customers with single power supply equipment or single feed are connect to the A feed as standard. Power to the A feed is not expected to be interrupted at any time as the building infrastructure allows us to transparently switch the input source for the A feed to the B side, throughout the A side maintenance.
When are we doing this?

To mitigate risk and impact, the works will take place over two weekdays to allow one unit at a time to be completed. Noted below is the At Risk time window:

UPS Unit B (B side) – Tuesday 16th September, commencing at 2300Hrs and ending by 0500Hrs on Wednesday 17th September 2014.

UPS Unit A (A side) – Tuesday 23rd September, commencing at 2300Hrs and ending by 0500Hrs on Wednesday 24th September 2014.

The At Risk window will be kept to an absolute minimum and the power will be returned to full site redundancy protection at the earliest opportunity.

A notification will be sent out once the works have been completed and normal service has resumed.

PLiKhost Management Team