A few minor fixes have been applied to the 3.70.01 STABLE build that has now been released as 3.70.02 STABLE.


  • [SWIFTTHREE-216] – < and > trimming issue in getProcessedHTML() function for ticket post display
  • [SWIFTTHREE-217] – ‘AJAX Error in Staff CP’ – There was a problem retrieving the XML data from Server in non-IE browsers
  • [SWIFTTHREE-251] – Remove “Remember Me” functionality for staff and admin login
    • We have decided to remove this functionality from because in a rare, contrived circumstance where an attacker could hijack a staff user’s session or cookie, an attacker may be able to compromise a staff user account (worst case scenario). Modern web browsers can sufficiently handle saved login details, so implementing this functionality server-side is no longer necessary.
  • [SWIFTTHREE-257] – ~E_DEPRECATED is required in swift.php for PHP 5.3
  • [SWIFTTHREE-246] – Missing semi-colon in main.js file

It is important that you keep your support desk up to date

We recommend all customers upgrade to 3.70.02. There is a partial/quick upgrade option for customers running 3.70.01.

For more information, please see the release thread.