If you have an active website and simply wish or need to change your hosting service, it is very easy to switch to us going through three easy steps:

Review the page containing information about our web hosting plans and features. Once you select a plan and place your order you will receive by email detailed information about your account, including your Web Hosting Control Panel`s address, login, password and further details.

After completing your plan order, you will need to modify the NS records of your domain name. Go to your registrar`s website and set our NS settings for your domain name. If you do not have an account with your domain registrar, simply contact them and they will do it for you. You will find our NS settings in your Web Hosting Control Panel`s “Domain Manager” » “My Domains” » “Edit DNS” section.

After you have saved the new NS settings with your domain registrar, it will take approximately 24 hours for the change to come into effect. Once the domain resolving process has been completed, your domain name will start ‘pointing’ to our PLiKhost Hosting servers, and you will be able to use it to access your website with a web browser.

You can upload your website and start working with it immediately after you have placed your order. You will be given a temporary URL, which you can use to access your website and work on it. We guarantee that all your scripts and databases will be running properly and there will be no downtime for your website until the NS update of your domain name has been completed.

If you experience any problems transferring your website, please let us know and we will assist you to the successful completion of the process.